Teen Hair and Body

Hair and Body

We wanted to create a shampoo and shower gel combo that was still moisturising and of course with a lovely smell. To us a combo makes more sense as it doesn’t clutter your bathroom and you only pay for one product instead of two. Most importantly our kids and teens preferred using only one product as it made bath time much simpler.



The story of our body washes

Simply dee-licious! Choose from Caramel & Honey or Strawberry & Honey … not only does it smell incredible, it’s 71% organic.

We searched far and wide for mild detergents made from coconuts and palm kernels & continued our pursuit of excellence and added some luxurious nourishing honey, known to be a great moisturiser.

After using a splash of preservatives approved for organic use we top it all off with our deliciously smelling organic aromas.

The Honey & Caramel brings back fond childhood memories of gobbling up egg-cups full of caramelised condensed milk which had been painstakingly boiled for two hours … a memory that had to be bottled in the only way we knew best.

The Honey & Strawberry is a timeless favourite for children and teenagers. The decision is … which one to pick?!

Interesting fact: Lovingly made in the UK, using the finest ingredients sourced from 10 countries.

How much do I use? 

2 pumps (c3ml) on a sponge is enough to wash an adult body.

How long could it last? 

You could get up to 50 washes from 1 bottle which could last about 6 weeks.