Organic Lip Balm

The story of our caramel and chocolate organic lip balm

Battling with the elements sometimes leaves us with dry, sore lips. So we created a lip-smacking organic lip balm. After all, who knows any child or teenager who isn’t a self-confessed chocolate and caramel junkie? Parents will love this deliciously, delightful lip balm too. And, naturally, it’s 99% organic, 100% natural with no preservatives.

Caramel & Chocolate organic lip balm by Marili skincare

Marili Skincare – Caramel & chocolate organic lipbalm.

It smells fantastic and leaves lips feeling soft and nourished.
The best bit by far is that sneaky dollop of real organic chocolate that really makes this a legendary lip balm.

How much do I use?

As much and as often as you like

How long could it last? 

Months and months and months

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