Summer celebrations! Birthdays and the launch of our new organic skincare range for kids.

Marili trying out new strawberry aromas for a new product.

Trying out new strawberry aromas for a new product.

Celebrating birthdays and the launch of our kids organic skincare range.

Aaaah July… favourite month of the year. Not only is it lovely and sunny, but it’s my birthday month and that of my best friend, brother and lovely sister-in-law. So loads to        celebrate and tonnes of fun to be had.

I just love summer in England and what a better way to celebrate it this year with the launch of our Kids organic skincare range. I have to pinch myself when I see all the lovely    Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts as our social media starts to take shape and things finally come together.

It’s been a long journey and after nearly five years of “blood, sweat and tears” aka research and development from my kitchen at home – literally testing hundreds of versions and scents of face washes, shower gels, lip balms, creams etc. It’s so exciting and somewhat surreal to see the products finally on the market. Having personally created every one of our current products, I feel very proud when I get lovely notes from kids and parents who love the range.

This week I have been trying out some strawberry aromas for a new product I am working on. I take inspiration from everywhere and this time it came to me as I was walking to work (the corporate day job) and was overpowered by the delicious smell of strawberries. I am sure I could have wafted my way into Wimbledon…

So in celebration of Wimbledon, my must have essential this week is our Organic Strawberry Lip Balm. It’s absolutely delightful and loved by mums and kids and debuts on our website this weekend.

Be quick and grab one for yourself and of course keep an eye on our social media as you may get a chance to win one! Have a fantastic week and good luck to Andy Murray. Marili x

Ripe strawberries

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