Winter skincare tips!

Now that the clocks have gone back and the temperature’s dropping, it’s prime time for our children’s skin to be most vulnerable.

The cold and dryness from the winter weather can really hurt their skin: hands become dry, lips become chapped and cheeks become rosy.

I’ve put together some of my top skincare tips for protecting our little ones during the winter months…

Changing your children’s skincare regime for winter

I try and encourage my children to use a body lotion in the mornings before school to protect their skin in the winter. I also switch to a moisturising cleansing gel for their faces such as the Marili Skincare Foaming Face Wash, which I get them to use in the bath a few times a week. It’s great as it’s preservative free, detergent free and gently cleanses the skin using gorgeous plant oils leaving skin clean, soft and nourished.

If I notice my children have a lot of dry, chapped or sore skin I will use a light moisturiser on their faces in the morning and a body lotion or body butter at night.

Organic and natural products versus non-organic products

The lack of harsh preservatives and in most cases artificial fragrances which all aggravate sensitive skin is a bonus. Avoiding petrochemicals, parabens, SLS and phthalates all help to ensure you are not aggravating sensitive skin that is already under strain due to the weather conditions. Non-organic products are often packed full of chemicals that dry out the skin so I always read the labels if I am trying anything new for my children.

Winter essential

The Lip Balms from the Marili Skincare range are 99% organic so deliver maximum nourishment to chapped lips. They are not only great for soothing dry lips but preventing chapped lips too. Plus, they’re perfect for keeping in pencil cases, so children can keep their lips moisturised throughout the day. There are four different balms, meaning they can have a different flavour every week of the month!

The hills are ablaze with the colours of autumn…!

Marili Skincare taking home an award for best natural kids product.

The Mum & Working event 2015.

What a great end to last week to get a fantastic review from the lovely working mum blogger of the year, Kath, who I was lucky enough to meet at the mum and working event. Do your kids steal your skincare?? | Is it wine o’clock yet??






The last few months have been fantastic. Having totally relaxed on an amazing cruise with my kids around the Med and falling in love with Santorini, to return to the wonderful news that  Marili Skincare was presented with the prestigious Janey Lee Platinum Award 2015 for ‘Best Natural Kids Product’ for our Strawberry & Honey Hair & Body Wash This is our first award for the brand and I am incredibly proud of our achievement.

Then in September one of our blogger’s reported how her daughter with severe eczema was able to use our products without a reaction.
This was followed by a previous video clip sent to me of a little two-year-old saying how our products took her ‘ouchy’ [skin irritation] away. I feel blessed that somehow our products can make a difference in someone’s life, what a pleasure. Please feel free to share your stories about the products on our social media pages, we love to hear about what a difference they’re making to children’s skin.

September had a few more fabulous moments as my favourite Caramel & Honey Hair & Body Wash was shortlisted for two awards, the Pure Beauty Awards and Beauty Awards, as well as a feature in Your Healthy living magazine, Hair Magazine and The Salon. The whole range was shortlisted for another award that we will be announcing soon, so watch this space. Things are getting very busy in the Marili Skincare barn as we gear up for my favourite consumer show, the ‘Ideal Home Show’ in November. I’ve only ever attended this as a consumer so I’m thrilled to now actually have my own stall there. Please do pop by and say hello if you’re attending.

The Marili skincare team recently who won an award for best natural kids product.








Lastly, but not least I felt incredibly privileged to have been a part of the Mum and Working event this month where I sponsored and presented the award for ‘High Profile Parent of the Year’ to the beautiful and talented Caprice Bourret, an inspiration to working women and parents. It was lovely meeting Caprice – a wonderful person and fantastic role model for business women.

Here’s to warm and cosy evenings ahead – happy Autumn everyone! How will you be spending yours?

Autumn Trees.



The word is out on Marili Skincare

“’Word is out on Marili’”

Elephant cartoon holding Marili Skincare hair and body wash.

And so July draws to an end and what a month it has been..!

A personal roller coaster of emotions and a huge highlight as press reports have started rolling, the first of which was by Natural Products earlier this  week.

Reading it brought back a flood of emotions and memories of a very long journey finally getting some traction – what a delight!

Zimbabwe has hit the headlines with the sad tale of Cecil the Lion being hunted down. I have many childhood memories visiting the Zambezi valley and

enjoying game drives on a crisp winter morning and the excitement of seeing a lion and being in awe of these majestic creatures. I remember at age eight, sleeping in a tent (that had no zip, no door, and just a loose rope to tie the flaps) when a male lion circled our tent all night, a mere two metres away. I didn’t sleep a wink and prayed all night long that we wouldn’t be attacked.

The following night the rest of the pride also descended upon our camp and my nervous parents put us up in the truck for safety. As we camped under a canopy of stars pinned up in the pitch black night sky, I remember feeling terrified and in awe at the same time, hearing these majestic beasts roar silence all other creatures through the night.

The story of Cecil was saddening but I couldn’t help but think that even more tragic is how little coverage the people of Zimbabwe get with 55% of the population living below the food poverty line as a direct result of the actions of another human being.

I hope like Cecil they too will one day get the media coverage, support and most importantly the change they desperately need.

As August unfolds I will be enjoying much needed time off with my children, for which I am so excited and grateful. We will be testing out our mini travel packs and I will have my favourite Caramel Hair and Body Wash in my toiletry bag. Being very careful to ensure the sunscreens we use are paraben and MI free, we will be armed with Green People’s 25 SPF suncream. I can highly recommend reading these articles (Discover the truth about SPF50 sun cream)and What is SPF sunscreen? which dispel the myth of high SPF factors as SPF50 only filters out 1% more UVB light than SPF30. Make sure you cover up too.

Happy holidays everyone!

Summer celebrations! Birthdays and the launch of our new organic skincare range for kids.

Marili trying out new strawberry aromas for a new product.

Trying out new strawberry aromas for a new product.

Celebrating birthdays and the launch of our kids organic skincare range.

Aaaah July… favourite month of the year. Not only is it lovely and sunny, but it’s my birthday month and that of my best friend, brother and lovely sister-in-law. So loads to        celebrate and tonnes of fun to be had.

I just love summer in England and what a better way to celebrate it this year with the launch of our Kids organic skincare range. I have to pinch myself when I see all the lovely    Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts as our social media starts to take shape and things finally come together.

It’s been a long journey and after nearly five years of “blood, sweat and tears” aka research and development from my kitchen at home – literally testing hundreds of versions and scents of face washes, shower gels, lip balms, creams etc. It’s so exciting and somewhat surreal to see the products finally on the market. Having personally created every one of our current products, I feel very proud when I get lovely notes from kids and parents who love the range.

This week I have been trying out some strawberry aromas for a new product I am working on. I take inspiration from everywhere and this time it came to me as I was walking to work (the corporate day job) and was overpowered by the delicious smell of strawberries. I am sure I could have wafted my way into Wimbledon…

So in celebration of Wimbledon, my must have essential this week is our Organic Strawberry Lip Balm. It’s absolutely delightful and loved by mums and kids and debuts on our website this weekend.

Be quick and grab one for yourself and of course keep an eye on our social media as you may get a chance to win one! Have a fantastic week and good luck to Andy Murray. Marili x

Ripe strawberries